A Guide to the Incredible and Historic Lighthouses of the U.S.

If you have ever visited a beach, major lake, or waterway, you likely have seen a lighthouse. These incredible structures act as a navigational aid for maritime pilots as they come in and out of shore. Many of the lighthouses in the United States were build hundreds of years ago and continue to provide guidance for boats and ships on coasts, lakes, and waterways.

The following graphic from SIYachts.com visualizes 100 iconic and historic lighthouses around the United States.

Here are some interesting facts about lighthouses in the United States:

  • The oldest lighthouse in America that is still standing is Sandy Hook Lighthouse in New Jersey. Built in 1764, this lighthouse has never been rebuilt and is still used today.
  • The first lighthouse in the country was the Boston Light. The original was first lit in 1716, but was destroyed during the American Revolution.It was rebuilt in 1783 and remains in operation today.
  • The country’s tallest lighthouse is Cape Hatteras Light in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It is 198.5 feet tall.
  • The shortest lighthouse in the United States is Pocahontas Light on Great Diamond Island near Portland, Maine. It stands just 6 feet tall!

Have you visited any of these historic U.S. lighthouses?



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